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VOL - 1 / 2013

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Shpirtëzimi i Së Mbinatyrshmes te Romani “Kënga Shqiptare” E K. Trebeshinës


Throughout the history of civilization, man has created different relations with the supernatural, for this is the world of his imagination, to which, on the way to see the supernatural faith, we find the expression of the spirit and imagination of our social entity. Through the novel of Kasëm Trebeshina is revealed that nothing resists more than the human values. With his work he despised the conformist books of the official literature, which gave a false picture of the Albanian reality before 1990; he considered those books immoral, because they lacked the truth. Without betraying the truth and the literature, he did not embrace nor the Nihilist nor the Augustinian doctrine. The aim of the study is to research about the novel, to understand the intention of the author to create the concrete truth through the discourse that enables the preservation of the essence of the things: the beauty. The artistic truth becomes more valuable than the common life’s one, because it is combined with the extraordinary, the supernatural, the imaginary, which in reality where this literature is created, was a way of surviving the traditional values. We can see the essence of the truth through the inner world, through the personal, strengthening in this way the personal esthetics. We can see the darkest recesses of the human life and its meanings, claiming to explain our desire for understanding the miraculous, the uncanny, as the essence of art in general. The study reveals the image as figure, which is reflected as an artistic dream about a reality that does not age, proving that artistic discourse is not only communication, but everything that has to do with meaning. The article provides assistance in poetics and interpretation.


The Supernatural, Meaning, Discourse, Communication, Truth and Beauty, Existence


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Rahim Ombashi

Hena e Plote Beder University

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