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About Us

Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) is a peer-reviewed journal published by University College Bedër, Faculty of Humanities and Law. The main objective of BJH is to provide international scholars an intellectual platform for the exchange of contemporary research.

The journal publishes research papers in the fields of Humanities such as Law, Theology, Communications, Spirituality, Economy and Religion, Morality, History, International Relations, Political Science, Public Relation, Marketing, Human Rights and Sociology, Education and Literature.

From 2013, Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) became a scholarly blind peer-reviewed publication, with an Editorial Board and International Advisory Board comprised of eminent scholars in Balkan, Europe and beyond.

Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) responds to the need for more productive collaboration among academitions, researchers, scholars ects on the education and the other social and humantity sciences field. It is especially concerned with challenges arising from contemporary transformations of education, social, cultural, religional, political, global etc orders given the statist of the marginalization of social processes in many approaches. BJH is committed to theoretical innovationand new modes of empirical research.

Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) welcomes a wide range of original articles, research papers, proposed models, reviews of current literature, book reviews etc. Our journal welcomes manuscripts from researchers, academitions, scholars, specialists, advanced graduate students, early career scholars, researchers, and theorists. Consistent with the purpose of Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) manuscripts should focus on knowledge in the service of practice, research, theory or reflection of a wide range levels of education and philology, social and humanity sciences.

Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) published two issues per year, and it is peer reviewed by the editorial board. Official language of academic articles is English, but for special issues, Albanian language is allowed. 

Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions and to retain publishing rights without restrictions.The authors are responsible for the originality and the facts contained in the articles and for the opinions expressed therein, which are not necessarily those of Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) and do not commit the editing process.



Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) is committed to real and immediate open access for academic work. All of the BJH’s articles and reviews are free to access immediately from the date of publication. There are no author charges (commonly known as APCs) prior to publication, and no charge for any reader to download articles and reviews for their own scholarly use.

Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) does not, therefore, operate either a Gold or Green model of open access, but is free to all at any time and in perpetuity. To facilitate this Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) depends upon the financial underwriting provided by Faculty of Humanities and Law, University College Bedër, the goodwill of its editorial team and advisory board, and the continuing support of its network of peer reviewers.



Publisher: Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH), Faculty of Humanities and Law.

University College Bedër, Tirana / ALBANIA

Publication Frequency: 2 Issues Per Year, June-December

Language: English (for special issue articles may be accepted also in Albanian language)

ISSN of Journal:

ISSN: 2707-3041 (Online)

ISSN 2306-6083 (Print)

Indexed on: Index Copernicus Value with Standardized Values 69.14  DOAJ

Faculty of Humanities and Law offers Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH)  ISSN 2306-6083 (Print); ISSN: 2707-3041 (Online). (BJH) it aims to classified in online indexed on Index Copernicus Value with Standardized Values 69.14  DOAJ.