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VOL - 1 / 2013

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Romanın Maneviyatta Oynadığı Rol Açısından “Kara Kitap” Ve “Aşk”


Literature is as old as humanity and it has a human interest on almost every issue. Some of the topics were touched a little and for others were assigned important place. Without any doubts man's most important issues are love, nature, social problems, Creator and religion. These issues are in the first place in all societies, in spite of ranks vary depending on the era in itself it has not fallen in the rankings. Among them a very essential place has God and literature about religion, which circulates it in his spiritual atmosphere and directs materialism to meaning. If we could save nature of love, especially the "Divine Love" and "The Creator" it would be the basic subject of Turkish literature, as well as many of the other ones.

Literature is one branch of the social sciences, and it has never been far from a divine talk, so after this it will not change in the future. To save yourselves from an ocean of materiality and people you always need in divine port. No doubt this state will bring spirituality into the sheltered bays.

In this study will be discussed a number of social problems in society and the role of literature in solving such problems experienced by people. Nowadays were found solutions of some problems of society from spirituality and Sufism in the works of Turkish literature outstanding writers like Orhan Pamuk in his “The Black Book" and Elif Safak’s novel "Love".


Literature, Spirituality, Sufism, Black Book (Kara Kitap), Love


Dr. Adem Balaban

Hena e Plote Beder University

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