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VOL - 1 / 2013

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A Review on the Spiritual Values of the Education System in Turkish Colleges: Albania Case


Today Albania is facing many challenges to its educational system in terms of content and structure. Together with the 21-st century skills, values and tools, educators try to enhance and create passionate, competitive and responsible individuals who collaborate to quickly and easily solve problems and use the resources for their future careers. This study is conducted to reveal some values of the education system in the Turkish schools established in Albania. These schools have contributed and dedicated almost 20 years of experience in the education system of this country. Despite their obvious academic achievement and the high employment rate of the graduates, it is essential to explore in more details the philosophy and the spiritual values of this system and its leaders to understand and provide education and training policies as well as new approaches to teaching and learning processes to increase productivity and competitiveness in education in the schools of this region.


Education, Turkish schools, values, Albania


PhD Candidate Ana Uka
Hena e Plote Beder University

Dr. Ahmet Ecirli
Hena e Plote Beder University

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