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VOL - 1 / 2013

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Sanctions of Religion in Social Activities Sosyal Hayatta Dinî Yaptırımın Rolü


Human being is a multi-faceted entity with feelings like mind, heart, soul, and conscience. Human being is created with magnificent abilities and it is important for him or her to preserve and improve these material and spiritual abilities to fulfill in the best way possible. What's more, human being is created in a way that he or she is ready for change and development. Human being needs to improve these qualities in order to serve other human beings, God and himself or herself as well. In this context it is important for human being to educate his or her heart, mind and feelings. In this article we will try to demonstrate pedagogic aspects of religion through use of varses of the Qur’an, tradition of the prophet and concrete examples from history.


Religion, Education, Society, Religious Sanctions


Prof. Dr Ali Akpınar

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