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VOL - 1 / 2013

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Spirituality in Naim Frasheri Poems Përsiatjet shpirtërore në poezinë e Naim Frashërit


The research paper "The spiritual reflections in the poem of Naim Frashëri" aims at highlighting the spiritual dimensions of Naim’s poetic worldview. This study focuses on the first verses created by Naim Frashëri in Persian (1875), which were summarized in year 1885 in the volume “Tehajulat”. This book was translated into Albanian under the title Ëndërrimet (Dreamings) by the orientologist, Vexhi Buharaja. The history of poetry and literature generally, is, among other things, a history of relationships and influences, which have often become one of the causes for innovations and complicated things, as literary currents are and always will be, everywhere. In the light of this reasoning, Prof. Dr. Eqrem Çabej referred to Naim, as being part of the oriental world. The Influence of the oriental poetry is demonstrated in its volume Tehajulat, where the author has shown his outlook for the soul and human life, through poetic messages in a perfect Albanian language. In this bunch of lyrics, through the analyses is revealed the influence of Islamic culture. The symbolism of the Quranic source is used to present the human spiritual world. From the pantheist perspective, the spirituality and the materialization are like two mirrors with different colors, but that essentially serve to reflect the life and the nature, which stem from an absolute unity. The universe is the school, where this unity occurs. Spinoza equates it with the absolute being, while Fichte with the simple soul, because man recognizes the presence of God through his heart, and gets closer to it through love. The paper contributes to the semiotic approach of the text.


Shpirtëzimi, botëkuptimi, morali, Krijuesi dhe njeriu


Prof. Dr Hamit Boriçi

Hena e Plote Beder University

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