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VOL - 1 / 2013

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Religious Freedom and Pluralism in Islam İslam’da Din Özgürlüğü ve Sosyal Çoğulculuk


Worship in Islam is the purpose of human existence and faith and piety are the most important values.  A true faith and piety on the basis of sincerity and voluntariness intended for the realization of the freedom of religion of Islam and takes its place among the most important values as well. By virtue of the freedom of religion, the religious-moral subjects, which is a reflection of religious tolerance is also a requirement of the Islamic faith. An act in the name of Allah; imitation and tutelage; pressure and coercion excludes; the development of tolerance and freedom of religion is under protection and it finds its place in contribution to social diversity.

The diversity, "universalism", exclusionary and confrontational approaches are different. The diversity is based on terms like affection, peace, justice, trust, understanding, and has the concepts of "universe-enveloping". Members of different religions have seen the people who were in the best of them in discussion; listening and promise to abide by the finest way and they were looking for understanding of the Qur'an. Additionally The Prophet gave the best examples of dialogue in the process of notification. 


Islam, Religious Freedom, Tolerance, Pluralism


Assoc. Prof. Dr Recep Ardoğan

Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University

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