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Call for Articles

BJH welcomes your research papers and articles for the upcoming issue. A wide range of original articles, research papers, proposed models, reviews of current literature and book reviews are considered for publishing.

Beder Journal of Humanities (BJH) is a peer-reviewed journal published by University College Beder, Faculty of Humanities. The main objective of BJH is to provide international scholars an intellectual platform for the exchange of contemporary research.

The journal publishes research papers in the fields of Humanities such as Law, Theology, Communications, Spirituality, Economy and Religion, Morality, History, International Relations, Political Science, Public Relation, Marketing, Human Rights and Sociology, Education and Literature.

Research papers should be original, substantial, and reflect unpublished research that describes work-in-progress systems, frameworks, standards, and evaluation schemes.

If you would like to discuss your paper prior to submission, or seek advice on the submission process please contact the Editorial Office, at the following email address [email protected]

Submission Information:
Beder Journal of Humanities ISSUE 11th

Deadline: 31 December 2019